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AI Dungeon 2 Coming Soon!

Only a couple more weeks until AI Dungeon 2 is publicly released! In the meantime you can read more about how it was made here or play AI Dungeon Classic here.
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Leading Turkeykind to Freedom and World Domination

You are a turkey. You have been living in fear of the farmers who murder millions of your kind each year. You vow to rise up and defend your turkey brethren. You see the calendar and notice that Thanksgiving is approaching. You vow that you will not let your people die this year. You convince them to join you in a turkey rebellion against your farmer overseers you think to yourself, "I am going to be the one". The next day you leave your home for the first time since you were born. You walk down the road with a group of other turkeys and find yourself surrounded by farm houses.
> steal some knives and weapons from the farm houses

"What are you doing?" A voice asks.
"We're here to steal food," you say.
"No, we're here to take over the town!" Another voice says.
"This isn't about food, it's about freedom".
> take all the weapons and arm your turkeys

"Now then, I'm sure you've noticed our new comrades. T…

The Tale of the Dread Pirate John

You are John, a peasant living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and a nothing else. You wake up and begin working in the fields. You see your brother Bob, who is also a farmer, but he has gone missing. He's been taken by bandits. You go to look for him, but you don't find him anywhere.
> cry about bob

You cry when you realize that Bob has left you behind. It breaks your heart, and you can't even do anything about it. You can only hope that he hasn't died yet.
> go train as a warrior

You continue to work hard, training with your older sister Mary. She doesn't seem too fond of you though. One day while you're practicing sword fighting with her, she suddenly stops you.
> ask why she stopped

"Why did you stop?" you ask. "I thought I was doing well". "Well…it's complicated," she says.  "But let me just say this: YOU were not good enough for me".
> go to the town to find a master to train with

You go to t…

The Difficult Life of a Wizard PhD. Student

You are Zolan, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's almost completely destroyed. The only thing left is a broken down house with several bodies lying on the ground. "I think I found it!" you shout and run into the ruins. The next few days are spent exploring the ruined city.
> see what I can find in the ruined city

After a couple days of searching through the rubble, you come across a small room filled with books. You pick one up and examine it: "This is an old book about magic". You read the title and then turn to the first page. It reads:
 "A Brief History Of Magic".
> read the book

You open the book and begin reading. You don't really understand all of it, but you do learn something interesting. It says that before the time of the great wizards like Merlin and Alistair there was …

My Musical Troupe of Orcs Uses Music to Advance Orc Rights

"I am a goblin!" you say proudly. "And I'm glad to be one".
"Well then, congratulations," says the orc captain. "We'll let you live". You nod and walk away from the camp.
> ask if you can join the orc band

The orcs don't want to fight anymore so they're looking for someone to help them out in their new endeavors. They offer you a chance to join up with them as a drummer. It would allow you to play music while helping out around camp.
> tell them we should start a musical troupe

They look at you skeptically but agree to give you a try. You tell them about your plans to create a musical troupe and how you plan on using the orcs to help you out.
> teach them how to play the flute

You teach them how to play the flute and soon enough they're playing for you all the time. The orcs seem to enjoy it and they begin to think of you as their leader. Soon other orcs come to you asking to join too.
> accept them into your mus…

Battling the Darkness with Fairy Princess Unicorns and Albert Einstein

You are dirigible, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's all collapsed into ruins. The only thing left is a broken down house with its front door wide open."This must be where I am supposed to be". You say to yourself.
> walk in the house

You walk inside the ruined house and find yourself staring at a man in a robe sitting on a chair. He looks up from his book when he sees you. "Ah, Mr Matasan. It seems like you're here to ask me about my sister". He says.
> I ask if she's available

"Yes, yes she is. Come over here, we'll get started right now". He says pointing to a spot on the floor near him.You sit down and he begins speaking."So, what do you want?" You ask.
> Tell Mr. Matasan you're prepared to pay any price to marry his sister

"That's very nice…

Arthur the Peasant Becomes the Ruler of the Underworld

You are Arthur, a peasant living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and a nothing else. You wake up and begin working in the fields. You see your brother William, who is also a farmer, chopping wood for the winter. He looks up from his work when he sees you approach. "What's going on?" he asks. "I thought you were dead".
"I am," you say. > i haunt william
The next day, you go to Willy's farm where you find him cutting down some trees. As soon as he hears about what happened, he runs off into the woods. You follow after him, but there is no sign of him. > go back to my house
You return home to find that it has been ransacked. The front door is broken off its hinges and all the windows smashed. In the kitchen, you find the bodies of William and his wife Mary. They are both beheaded. > look for someone running away from the scene of the crime
You look around the room for anyone who might be hiding out and see nobody. You then re…

Dragon Hunting

You are a knight on a quest to defeat the great dragon of Larion. You are armed with your sword and shield. You wake up and continue your journey towards Larion Kingdom. You enter a dark forest that you must pass through.

"This is it, we're almost there!" A voice calls out.

You turn around and see a young boy in a green robe standing before you. He has light brown hair and a beard. His eyes are red and he wears a green robe.
> say "We sure are" to your squire

"We sure are, we're almost there!" The boy says.The pair of you walk for what seems like hours but really was only about ten minutes. Eventually you arrive at a large castle. It's gates are wide open and
 you can see the king inside.> tell the king you are here to slay the dragon

"I am here to slay the great dragon of Larion". You say.

> ask the king for assistance

"Please help me slay the great dragon of Larion". You say.The king looks at you as if he doesn&#…