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Dragon Hunting

You are a knight on a quest to defeat the great dragon of Larion. You are armed with your sword and shield. You wake up and continue your journey towards Larion Kingdom. You enter a dark forest that you must pass through.

"This is it, we're almost there!" A voice calls out.

You turn around and see a young boy in a green robe standing before you. He has light brown hair and a beard. His eyes are red and he wears a green robe.
> say "We sure are" to your squire

"We sure are, we're almost there!" The boy says.The pair of you walk for what seems like hours but really was only about ten minutes. Eventually you arrive at a large castle. It's gates are wide open and
 you can see the king inside.> tell the king you are here to slay the dragon

"I am here to slay the great dragon of Larion". You say.

> ask the king for assistance

"Please help me slay the great dragon of Larion". You say.The king looks at you as if he doesn't believe you. He then turns his attention back to the road.
"What do you want?" He asks.
> say "Just some weapons and armor"

"That would be helpful". He replies.You nod and explain that you need some new equipment. He tells you that he has plenty of gold in his treasury so you should just ask him for it.
> thank him for the equipment

"Thank you for the equipment, I will certainly look into this". He says. With those words the king begins to leave. You thank him again before leaving. When you get outside you find yourself staring up at a massive stone wall.
> head to the tavern

You head to the tavern where you meet up with the other two boys who were also looking for weapons and armor. They tell you they have everything you could ever want. You take a seat at one of their tables and begin to drink.
> ask the innkeeper if he knows a good tracker

"A good tracker? What does that mean?" One of them asks."It means someone who can follow a scent trail without getting lost". You reply."Sounds like a job for me". The other says.
> hire the man to track the dragon

"I'm hiring you to track down the dragon". You say."Oh! That sounds fun!" The man says.
"Yeah, well let's go". You say. He takes a deep whiff of the air and then heads out the door.
> follow the tracker

You continue to drink your fill of ale while watching the tracker. When he finally leaves, you sigh and start to wonder when you'll actually be able to hunt down the dragon. A few days pass and you hear the sound of dragons being slain from afar.
> tell the tracker to lead you to the dragon

You decide to wait until nightfall before making your move. You don't know how long the tracker is going to be around though. You decide to give him another week or so before deciding whether or not to kill him.
> demand the tracker tell you where the dragon is

You order the tracker to lead you to the dragon. He complies immediately."Okay, I got him". You say.
You and the tracker make your way towards the edge of the forest.
> go fight the dragon

You and the tracker make your way towards the edge of the forest. You see several large trees and thick underbrush. You also notice several deer and boar running around. You both make your way through the undergrowth and soon the trees become more visible.
> continue towards the dragon

The next day you and the tracker reach the edge of the forest. You and the tracker continue to walk towards the dragon. As you approach the dragon you sense its presence. It seems to be asleep.
"We're almost there now". You say.
> sneak up to the dragon

You sneak up behind the dragon and stab it in the back with your dagger. You feel its death throes as you do so. You turn around just in time to see the dragon awaken. Its eyes glow red and its body twitches violently.
> slam your greatsword on its neck

You slam your greatsword into the dragon's neck causing it to fall over. You look at the dragon's corpse which has been completely destroyed by the force of your attack. You feel a pang of guilt for killing it.
> take a trophy to show the king

You take a piece of the dragon's skull and place it on a small wooden table. You then take a piece of its wings and hang it on a nearby wall. You look at the pieces of the dragon's body and you realize that you will have to find a new home for them.
> take your trophies to the king and ask for a reward

You take your trophies to the king who is pleased by your actions. He gives you a gold coin as a reward. You thank him profusely and leave the castle.Your journey continues...
> go back to the king and tell him you deserve a greater reward

You go back to the king and tell him you deserve a greater reward. The king laughs and says "I'm sure you will". You smile and return to the village.Years pass...
Twenty years have passed since you killed the dragon and you live happily ever


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