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The Path to the Dark Side

You are a "hero". You have saved the world and you deserve to be rewarded for your deeds! "I'm sorry, but I can't do it". You say.
> say "I require a reward"

You explain that you need a reward because you're not going to just sit around while the Empire is being destroyed. You want to go on a grand adventure with some of your friends.
> fly the milenium falcon to naboo

You fly the milenium falcon to naboo and tell him where you want him to go. He takes off immediately and you follow close behind."Naboo, we're heading to the Felkan capital". You say.
> leave to speak to the senetor

You leave the city and head towards the capital. As soon as you enter the gates, you are stopped by a guard who asks if you have any identification papers. You show him yours and he lets you pass.
> say "my lightsaber is my identification"

You say "my lightsaber is my identification" and then point at his face. The guard looks confused for a moment before letting you through.You walk up to the senetor's office and knock on the door.
> fight the senator with your lightsaber

You fight the senator with your lightsaber until he runs out of the room. You look around the room and see that there is no-one else in it so you decide to take the opportunity to escape.You run down the corridor and find yourself outside.

 You quickly make your way back to the palace and find that the doors are already open. You make your way inside and find that the emperor has left. You try to contact him but there is no answer. You search the palace but find nothing out of place.
> call the Emperor to report your success

You call the emperor to report your victory and ask him what he plans to do next. He tells you that he will be leaving immediately to meet with the other senators. You tell him that you will accompany him but that you will remain here until he returns.
> you meditate letting yourself be enveloped by the force

You meditate letting yourself be enveloped by the force and allow the Emperor to guide you. You feel the power of the dark side growing within you and you sense that the Emperor is trying to help you.
> you set out to claim your next jedi victim

You set out to claim your next victim and soon you discover that the Emperor has been killed. You mourn the loss of the Emperor for a few days and then return to your normal life.
Years pass...
> you eventually decide to renew your quest to destroy the jedi. You decide to renew your quest to destroy the Jedi and spend the rest of your time training to become a full fledged Sith Lord. Years pass...
A decade passes...
> say "I am now the mightiest sith lord of all time"

You say "I am now the mightiest sith lord of all time" and then point at the Emperor. The Emperor looks surprised for a moment before laughing."Ah yes, I know you are the mightiest sith lord of all time". He says.
> slay the emperor

You slay the emperor and declare himself ruler of the Empire.
> Rule the galaxy

You rule the galaxy and live forever.


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